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Established in 1993, American Endowment Foundation is a leading, national, independent sponsor of Donor Advised Funds.

AEF is distinguished from most other sponsors of Donor Advised Funds by the fact that we are wholly independent. We offer a neutral platform for investment flexibility and grantmaking, as well as administrative expertise geared to personalized charitable management.

Being independent means we are free to focus our energies on you, year after year, generation to generation.

For more information we invite you to call us 1-888-440-4233.

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Recognized on Charity Navigator's list of
"10 Charities with the most Consecutive
4-Star Ratings"



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Why choose AEF?

  • Independence:
    AEF is a neutral platform for Donor Advised Funds, tools, information, and investments to enable donors and professional advisors to design and conduct their charitable activities as effectively and efficiently as possible. AEF is the only leading Donor Advised Fund program to offer this level of independence and personalized charitable management.

  • Contribution flexibility:
    AEF Donor Advised Funds can accept and hold a wide array of assets.

  • Investment choice and true independence:
    AEF's unique independence provides greater flexibility in investment options free of conflicts of interest that may arise from a firm's proprietary products. AEF can be used from your preferred investment platforms.

  • Flexible investment management:
    You may recommend an independent investment advisor to manage the assets in your Donor Advised Funds.

  • Greater reach:
    You can expand your grant recommendations to help charities throughout the country, in addition to your local community.
  • Fiscal responsibility:

    "We are proud to announce American Endowment Foundation has earned our twelfth consecutive 4-star rating. Receiving four out of a possible four stars indicates that your organization adheres to good governance and other best practices that minimize the chance of unethical activities and consistently executes its mission in a fiscally responsible way." Charity Navigator


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