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The AEF Difference

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Why Donor-Advised Funds?

Donor-advised funds are the most popular and fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the country. They allow you to be strategic about your philanthropy by donating and recommending investments and grants to efficiently create a significant charitable impact. 

Donor-advised funds can accept everything from cash and publicly-traded securities to more sophisticated illiquid and alternative assets. Donors receive a charitable gift acknowledgement in connection with their contribution to AEF. Then, our donors recommend grants to qualified 501(c)(3) charities. 

With a donor-advised fund, our donors can:  

  • Achieve immediate charitable goals 
  • Fund future giving  
  • Simplify charitable giving and tax reporting 
  • Initiate legacy conversations with loved ones 
  • Avoid the complexity and expense of a private foundation

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

Independence and Stability

Ask Your Financial Advisor about Donor-Advised Funds

Know the right questions to ask to help you expand your philanthropy and charitable giving. 

Learn why AEF is the Answer to Your Donor-Advised Fund Questions

Is AEF truly independent?

Yes. AEF is not affiliated with any wealth management firm or charitable entity. Donors are free to recommend a variety of grants to their favorite causes and charities.

What types of assets can the donor-advised fund sponsor accept?

Donor-advised funds that accept illiquid assets like privately held C corporation stock, and LP or LLC interests, as well as cash and appreciated securities, give you more flexibility.

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Getting Started

Simple Steps Toward Your Philanthropic Future

Getting started with a donor-advised fund is easy.

  1. Review the Program Description with your financial advisor
  2. Complete the online fund application
  3. Transfer assets
  4. Receive secure, online access to our Donor Granting Portal

After that, you’re ready to start making a difference.

Read More About Getting Started

Making Grants

Doing the Right Thing the Right Way

Once you’ve made a contribution to AEF, you can begin recommending grants. All of this is made easy with our Granting Portal. 

  1. You make the recommendation 
  2. AEF performs due diligence on the charity recipient 
  3. Money gets transferred to the charity, along with grant letter 

See More on the Grant Making Process

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Ready to get started with donor-advised funds?

Work with your financial advisor to learn more about establishing a donor-advised fund.

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