AEF Resource – The Power of Charitable Planning

Unlock the Potential of Charitable Planning: A Guide for Advisors and Donors

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This guide sheds light on the strategic advantages of donor-advised funds (DAFs), exploring the motivations behind their growing popularity and how they serve as an effective tool for impactful giving.

What You’ll Discover:

  • In-Depth Understanding of Donor-Advised Funds: Learn why donor-advised funds have become a preferred choice for charitable planning, offering benefits like immediate tax deductions, flexibility in grant-making, and the ability to remain anonymous.
  • Strategic Charitable Discussions: Gain insights into initiating and navigating discussions about charitable planning with clients, including the variety of clients who benefit from donor-advised funds —from those approaching retirement to clients experiencing liquidity events.
  • Benefits for Advisors and Donors: Explore how charitable planning conversations can enhance client relationships, attract referrals, and enable donors to achieve greater impact with their philanthropy.
  • Real-World Applications: Discover practical advice on when to consider donor-advised funds over private foundations, and how to leverage them for tax benefits, family legacy planning, and instilling philanthropic values in heirs.

In the intricate world of financial planning and philanthropy, understanding the nuances of charitable giving is pivotal. “The Power of Charitable Planning” is an invaluable eBook tailored for both advisors looking to guide their clients and donors aiming to make their philanthropy more meaningful.