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About AEF

Founded in 1993, American Endowment Foundation was designed to fill a unique role as America’s largest independent donor advised fund program – a national, public charity.

Independence and Integrity

Many donor advised fund programs are the charitable entity of a for-profit financial institutions. However, AEF believes that our true independence improves the reliability and enhances the flexibility of the program, thereby contributing to its usefulness and objectivity.

  • AEF is not a charitable entity of a for-profit institution.
  • AEF accrues no benefit from brokerage services or product sales, and never charges commissions or finder fees.
  • AEF does not sell proprietary financial products or services.
  • AEF does not provide financial, tax, or legal advice.

Our independence gives us the ability to offer a conflict-free platform for your charitable giving – free of agendas (programmatic, geographic, religious, investment, or succession). Our independence also allows us to singularly focus on what we do best – deliver highly personalized service and administration.

As stewards of these meaningful assets, we at AEF adhere to these central principles:

  • We believe transparency, communication, and accessibility are our clients’ core rights
  • We team with our clients and their professional investment advisors to foster the most satisfactory experience
  • We seek to help our donors create an enduring legacy
  • We commit to maintain uncompromising independence

A Uniquely Flexible Program

AEF provides highly personalized service to donors, offering open investment architecture.  At your recommendation, AEF can work with your trusted advisors and nearly all of investment platforms and custodians.

AEF oversees and administers a national donor advised fund program for donors and their families. Unlike charities with a specific focus or a regional focus, AEF offers the ability for donors to give to all U.S. charities. International grants are reviewed on a case by case basis.Unlike commercial donor advised fund programs, offered by banks, brokerages and commercial mutual funds, AEF does not sell investment and financial products. Unlike community foundations, AEF has a national scope, and can support your local community foundation.True independence offers donors and their families greater flexibility for their charitable giving.

Our innovative, tax-smart solutions will help you simplify your giving, multiply your impact, and gain the flexibility that only true independence can offer.

Our experienced staff is available to assist you and/or your professional financial advisors in tailoring a charitable-giving plan to fit your goals and financial situation.  Call us at 1-888-440-4233 or use our contact form.

2013 AEF Tax Form 990

2013 AEF Audited Financial Statements

AEF sponsors, educates and collaborates with the following associations:

AIP                         FPA                        SFSP                     

NAEPC                  NAPFA

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