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New website aims to expand philanthropy throughout the financial services industry. 

March 13, 2024 (Hudson, Ohio) – American Endowment Foundation (AEF), one of the nation’s largest independent donor-advised fund sponsors, announced the launch of its newly updated website, With $7 billion in assets, nearly $5M granted each business day and more than 14,000 charitable funds, AEF partners with firms and financial advisors in an unbiased manner to expand philanthropic giving through donor-advised funds. 

The new site features financial advisor and donor-friendly tools and resources, including: 

  • Advisor Portal, where financial advisors can securely complete donor-advised fund applications for clients’ signatures and submit investment account paperwork  
  • Granting Portal, where donors can make quick, secure electronic grant recommendations 
  • Advisor Resources, which includes quick tips for engaging clients on charitable topics  
  • Donor Resources, with content that helps clients expand their philanthropy 

“AEF is committed to providing a best-in-class client experience for both financial advisors and their clients,” said AEF CEO Ron Ransom. “Our people are what attracts advisors to AEF. When we couple their efforts with upgraded technology, provide awareness and education to help financial advisors integrate donor-advised funds into their practice and enable more donors to create a significant charitable impact, everyone wins.”  

Donor-advised funds are the most popular and fastest growing charitable giving vehicle in the country. Donor-advised funds allow clients to be strategic about their philanthropy. With AEF, financial advisors can help their clients establish and administer donor-advised fund accounts to increase the amount granted to their favorite causes and charities.  

AEF is the donor-advised fund partner of choice to nearly 6,000 financial advisor partners from over 2,500 partnership firms throughout North America. To learn more about AEF’s resources for financial advisors, firms, and donors, or to open a donor-advised fund, visit or call 1-888-966-8170. 

About American Endowment Foundation
Established in 1993, American Endowment Foundation (AEF) is one of the nation’s largest independent donor-advised fund sponsors. AEF is a mission-motivated organization focused on expanding philanthropy led by a people-driven culture that results in a best-in-class client experience.