Why does AEF’s DonorCentral allow for Sign in with Google?

AEF has partnered with Blackbaud to provide a secure environment for access to your AEF Fund information. The option to Sign in with Google provides Google users a secure authentication system that reduces the burden of login by enabling users to sign in with their Google Account – the same account they already use with Gmail and other Google services. This reduces the burden of remembering an individual username and password for your DonorCentral login. Google also provides 2-Step verification option which adds an extra layer of security to your account. If you have a Gmail email address on file with AEF, then you will use Sign in to Google to access DonorCentral. You don’t need a separate Blackbaud login.

Why does AEF use Blackbaud ID for DonorCentral?

AEF has partnered with Blackbaud for their DonorCentral portal. Blackbaud is a leader of software and services specifically designed for nonprofit organizations. A Blackbaud ID will be required for access to DonorCentral. Blackbaud ID is the secure authentication service that Blackbaud provides to protect AEF’s donors from malicious cyber attacks. It is part of the continuous effort to keep your data safe. To provide enhanced security, 2-factor authentication is an option but not mandatory. Your Blackbaud ID will be the email address AEF has on file for you. If the email address on file is a Google Gmail email address, then the “Sign In with Google” option will be used and a Blackbaud ID does not need to be set up.