We designed the AEF donor advised fund program to enhance your options as a philanthropist. You enjoy numerous benefits when you set up your fund with AEF:

Immediate and Maximum Tax Benefit

Since AEF is a public charity, your contributions immediately qualify for maximum tax benefits. With AEF, you can recommend grants to charities across the nation, on your own flexible timetable.

Tax Free Growth

Tax free growth means more dollars for charitable giving. Investments in your donor advised fund grow tax free, naturally supporting more future giving. The AEF donor advised fund allows you to structure your giving over time. This enables you to leverage the impact of your grants to your favorite causes.


We understand that your charitable giving activities can be quite personal. AEF allows you to select the level of privacy that works best for you.

Simple, Effective Fund Management

Eliminate year-end pressures, such as scrambling for a place to make a tax-deductible donation, or hunting through files for charitable donation receipts with an AEF donor advised fund. You can take care of everything online, including research charities, recommend grants, track giving over time, and consolidate your tax reporting.

Create a Lasting Legacy of Giving

Start small and build over time, or maximize your initial contribution right away. It’s your choice. Currently, AEF has funds ranging from $10,000 to $10 million. Donors typically establish an AEF donor advised fund to act as a multigenerational family fund for their charitable giving, creating a legacy that lasts into perpetuity. Personalize your account with a family name, involve family members in grant recommendation activities, and name successor advisors.

Multiple Ways to Work with Us

You can handle the various aspects associated with a donor advised fund and charitable giving in person, by phone, US mail, online, or through your trusted advisor. Further, you and your trusted advisors work directly with AEF principals.

Learn more about the benefits donors enjoy by working with AEF by calling or by using our contact form.