American Endowment Foundation (AEF) strives to ensure that its donors experience a deep sense of satisfaction and pride that results from their generous grants to their favorite causes and charities. Some donors may need help when beginning their philanthropic journeys, evaluating their past efforts or impact, wanting to change direction, or planning for the future.

AEF works with the leading philanthropic advisory firms throughout the country and is pleased to refer them to its donors. Among many areas, these firms can help donors:

  1. Develop a charitable mission
  2. Establish grant making strategy
  3. Identify or evaluate non-profit organizations to support
  4. Involve children or other family members or advisors
  5. Facilitate family meetings about philanthropy
  6. Assess progress or evaluate impact
  7. Manage their charitable giving activities
  8. Advise or coach donors

Furthermore, for AEF donor accounts with balances over $250,000, AEF may allow donors to recommend partial payment from their funds to these philanthropic advisors for their services. For accounts under $250,000, AEF would still be pleased to refer its donors to these advisors, but the donors would be asked to pay the philanthropic advisors directly in full.

AEF donors, or their wealth, legal, or tax advisors, should either connect with their primary AEF contact or contact AEF for additional details so we can better understand the needs and provide the most appropriate referrals.

Call us at 1-888-440-4233 or use our contact form to learn more.