Understanding the Granting Process

Grant Recommendations are Processed in 5-10 Business Days

Take a look at the timeline here or download the PDF to take with you.

Grant Recommendation Process for Donors (PDF)

Step 1

A grant recommendation is submitted through our online portal, DonorCentral.

Step 2

AEF performs due diligence, which includes validating the charity’s status with the IRS and examining the purpose of the grant.

Step 3

AEF contacts your Financial Advisor and requests money from the investment account to cover the grant.

Step 4

The financial advisor transfers the money to AEF from the DAF investment account.

Step 5

Grant is paid to the charity. A grant letter is sent to the charity, informing them of the grant and providing additional information if requested by the donor.

Step 6

Organizations benefit, change occurs, lives are enriched.