Nearly half of U.S. corporations are classified as S-corporations, representing assets of over $3 trillion. However, these assets are illiquid. For many potential donors, illiquid wealth such as these closely held shares(S-corp and C-corp), limited partnerships, and limited liability corporations (LLC) can be an initial hurdle to donation.

Some charitable organizations may simply be unwilling to accept such an asset due to their lack of understanding of how to convert it into usable cash. Some donor advised fund administrators may also be unwilling to engage in such illiquid gifts due to a lack of understanding of how to manage the complexity involved. At American Endowment Foundation, we have the experience and ability to map out the process for donors and their financial advisors to achieve the best tax savings available using illiquid assets.

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Whitepapers, Ebooks & Articles

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InfoSheet: S-Corp Shares: Unlocking their Wealth