by Eric Kinaitis

We appreciate the many donors who responded to our recent survey. Understanding how to serve you better and where we can improve remains a top concern of ours.

Keyboard with Easy ButtonOur survey indicated that for a majority of our donors, making grants from their donor advised fund (DAF) is a once-a-year event. Smaller percentages of our donors engaged in quarterly or monthly grant making.

The primary tool for making grant recommendations is our DonorCentral portal. However, our survey indicated that a sizable percentage of our donors where not aware with DonorCentral as an option for their grant recommendations. DonorCentral also allows users to see a history of past grants, review past gifts into their DAF, as well as see their current fund balance.

Additional comments indicated that many who were aware of DonorCentral would like more instruction into how to better utilize & navigate their account. Our instructional video “DonorCentral 101” gives an easy-to-watch overview on how best to use your DonorCentral account.

If you need additional assistance or have more questions about your DonorCentral account, don’t hesitate to contact our Grants Department at